Arts & Crafts Fair
Kenai, Alaska November 25 & 26, 2011
Peninsula Art Guild, Inc.
PO Box 703 Kenai AK 99611 907-283-7040

The 2011 Arts & Crafts Fair will be held at Kenai Central High School commons, gymnasium, and cafeteria.
Booth space fee is $100 for a regular-size Booth (8’ x 8’), $50 for a card-table-size space (4’ x 4’).
Please make checks payable to: Peninsula Art Guild.



Address: ________________________________City______________State______ZIP___________

Items for Sale (Please be specific)______________________________________________________

Present Booth Space Area / Number (if known): ______________________________________

Please note any requested space change here:_________________________________________
1. Booths must be set up and operating by opening time for both days and remain operating until 5 PM both days.
2. Friday, November 25: Set up 7 AM to 10 AM. Open to the public from 10 AM to 5 PM.
3. Saturday, November 26: Set up 9 AM to 10 AM. Open to the public from 10 AM to 5 PM.
4. Booths may remain set up with sales items overnight. Any valuables should be removed, however, as Peninsula Art Guild and Kenai Peninsula Borough School District cannot assume responsibility for any booth contents.
5. As nothing can be hung on the walls or windows, any facilities for hanging (flats, easels, etc.) must be provided by the booth operator. You provide your own table. One chair per vendor is provided.
6. Tables must be draped to the floor. No matter what you sell. All extra items should be stored out of sight.
7. It is suggested that vendors wear identification cards (name tags) and display a business sign.
8. Please bring your own change -- None will be available at the Fair.
9. Sale items must be hand-crafted. No imported items, items purchased for resale, collectibles, or party-plan items may be displayed or offered at the Fair. To maintain the show’s reputation for quality, we reserve the right to require that any questionable items be removed. Please be considerate when displaying scented items.
10. Food vendors are limited to specific designated booths by arrangement. Other booths may not sell individual servings of food, candy, baked goods, etc. Vendors selling food items are responsible for obtaining the approval of State of Alaska Dept. of Environmental Conservation and the Fair’s coordinators.
11. Vendors are asked to please pull up their ‘blue tape’ marking their booth after Noon on the second day of the fair.
Please keep your area as clean as possible and take any trash with you when you leave.
12. Booth fees are non-refundable & non-transferable. If you transfer or sell your booth, you won’t be eligible for the next fair.
13. After unloading your vehicle, Vendors must park in the farthest rows from the doors. Leaving prime parking spaces for customers. This will be enforced.
14. Please obey blue tape boundaries put in place by fire inspectors requirements.
15. Vendors are responsible for product liability, safety, and other insurance.
16. Vendors are responsible for their business license and Kenai Peninsula Borough sales tax. Please be prepared to show license, registration, or permits as required by Kenai Peninsula Borough or other agencies.
17. Free admission to customers.
18. Per School District rules, no alcoholic beverages may be displayed or brought onto KPBSD property.
19. Payment of booth space fee releases from liability Peninsula Art Guild, Inc. and Kenai Peninsula Borough School District.

This contract is null and void only if the Arts & Crafts Fair is cancelled.

I Agree to the Above Terms & Conditions: ________________________ VENDOR SIGNATURE
Net proceeds support Peninsula Art Guild’s local scholarship program. Thanks for participating!
Questions? Please contact Gloria Humble ~ Coordinator @ 394-1413
Or Peninsula Art Guild at the Kenai Fine Arts Center: 907-283-7040

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